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To keep your business information confidential and secure, it is important to set high priorities for payment security. One Payments protection solutions will help in many key ways:

  1. Data protection with cutting-edge risk tools including CVV2, CVC, AVS, tokenization, & point-to-point encryption
  2. Expertise of our own experienced risk team to help monitor your data to prevent fraud
  3. PCI compliance in order to reduce costs and risk

With One Payment, your customers and your business will be protected under our premier program for payment security.

One Payment’s Solutions for PCI Compliance

Electronic theft is an unfortunate growing trend in today’s world, and we at One Payment pride ourselves on the care we give toward reducing the risk of fraud for your business. Our security solutions are advanced; including tokenization, a feature that exchanges tokens for stored credit card numbers, and point-to-point encryption, which encrypts data from swipe to the moment of authorization.


One Payment’s Security Expertise

One Payment relieves our clients from the worry about stored credit card data and secure transactions. Our payment gateway is protected by PCI compliance, offering you data storage facilities and software that reduces liability, adhering to the PCI standards meant to protect your information. We consistently keep our software up to date to remain competitive in an increasingly more advanced industry. We have many years of experience at One Payment, so we know how safeguard your sensitive information unlike any other company.


The Requirement of PCI compliance

PCI compliance is a requirement for businesses who accept credit cards, regardless of the method of payment processing. PCI compliance is important to maintain a strong reputation for securing sensitive information, and by failing to meet these standards, your business could be faced with substantial fines. Even worse, when customers find that their information has been subject to fraud, your business faces the potential loss of customers and profit as a result. With One Payment, you will find that maintaining the high standards of PCI compliance is easy. We will help you complete the yearly PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire to retain your PCI compliance and ensure that your transactions are secure.




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