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One Payment offers the best solutions for PCI tokenization to protect your stored data for cardholders. Our solutions will allow you to store credit card data securely through many avenues:

  1. Guaranteed protection to store credit card data securely with coded reference pointers (tokens)
  2. Reduction of your business liability and PCI score saving costs from annual PCI-related audits
  3. Increased integrity by placing your business at the forefront of compliance with PCI standards

Let One Payment be your partner for PCI tokenization to store credit card data safely, solidifying the confidence of security for your business and customers.

Reducing PCI scope through PCI Tokenization

It is no secret that great losses can stem from compromised data, ranging from a damaged reputation for your business to weighty fines. On average, the total expenses for a data breach had reached $6.75 million in 2009. With PCI tokenization, your business liability will see tremendous reduction and your credit card data will become secure and protected. PCI Tokenization allows you at the point of sale to replace credit card data with tokens, currency which is not usable by hackers. With One Payment’s PCI tokenization solutions, you will not need to store credit card data at all.


One Payment’s Adherence to PCI Standards

One Payment’s experience in the industry has allowed us to safely store credit card data for years, all thanks to our strict adherence to PCI-compliance. Our products, featuring e-commerce payment gateways, mobile payment processing, credit card terminals, and virtual terminals, all comply with PCI DSS standards to safely protect your business. Electronic and identity theft has become a true threat to our technology-oriented market, so One Payment focuses on PCI tokenization and PCI-compliance to ensure that you can safely protect and store credit card data.


One Payment’s Business Security

If you think that PCI tokenization would work for your business, contact One Payment today. We will guide you through the entire process, helping you set goals for credit card processing to set your business up for success with the best possible security plan.



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