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One Payment’s secure POS systems are perfect for businesses that seek more efficient and secure point of sale credit card authorizations. Our secure POS systems offer many key benefits for our clients:

  1. Instant authorization of checks, credit cards, and debit cards at the point of sale
  2. A variety of choices for secure POS systems with software and terminals that perfectly match the needs of your business
  3. Increased security with our compliance with PCI security standards

Let One Payment provide the most secure POS systems to make your point of sale payments efficient and simplified.


Secure POS Systems for a Secure Point of Sale Transaction

Every business should realize the importance of efficient transaction authorization at the point of sale. One Payment’s secure POS systems will replace your standalone terminals with a module that is constructed right within your computer system. Our secure POS systems allow our clients to distinguish authorized users with good credit among cardholders right at the point of sale.


Our Many Secure POS Systems

One Payment allows our clients to select from a wide range of point of sale secure POS systems, software, and terminals to meet the demands of your business. Whether you use Micros, Adelo, Aloha, Squirrel, or another system with your business, One Payment’s secure POS systems will allow you to authorize checks, debit cards, and credit cards seamlessly. One Payment’s services allow for increased transactions in a decreased length of time and include secure, protected data storage at the point of sale. Examining your activity is efficient and easy with One Payment, letting you say in-the-know with regard to your business around the clock.


Point of Sale Security with PCI Standards

These days it is paramount to secure your business’ and customers’ sensitive data to avoid the risk of debit and credit card fraud. One Payment’s secure POS systems all comply with PCI standards for security, which will secure your business’ reputation as responsible and reliable. One Payment pledges to keep your customers and your business protected at all costs.



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