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One Payment’s merchant services for retail stores provide the essential solutions to manage all forms of payments at the retail store point of sale, including checks, debit cards, and credit cards. With One Payment’s merchant services for retail stores, you can expect the following:

  1. Improved customer service through secure, convenient checkouts and cutting-edge card processing terminals
  2. Low processing rates with our free terminal program to minimize expenses
  3. Security for every credit card swipe with payment solutions that are in compliance with PCI standards

Let One Payment maximize your retail sales (up to 30%) by allowing us to strengthen all your retail store point of sale transactions.

One Payment’s Convenient Merchant Services for Retail Stores

Owning a store with limitations on types of payments ultimately puts limitations on the customer base, especially considering the growing frequency of credit and debit card transactions in place of cash, for both large and small purchases at the retail store point of sale. By working with One Payment, your business will be able to accept all major credit cards immediately, which leads to a quick, direct increase in profits. With the added convenience of credit card transactions, customers will be more likely to commit to more expensive purchases and impulse buys than if they were limited by the amount of cash on-hand. Maximize the retail store point of sale transactions to see an increase in cash flow.


One Payment’s Quick and Easy Terminals for Retail Credit Card Processing

Our retail merchant accounts will empower you by allowing you to authorize transactions at any retail store point of sale with our modern POS equipment. Now, customers and quickly and easily swipe their cards, input their information under a safe and secure payment processing system that will increase transactions per hour. Efficient data verification and quicker checkouts will exponentially increase sales over time.


One Payment’s PCI Compliance for Retail Store Point of Sale

Our merchant services for retail stores place the security of credit card information at the top of our priority list. We guarantee the best in security by complying with PCI DSS standards, minimizing the threat of credit card fraud. Our security boasts safe end-to-end encryption to keep credit card information secure from the very start of any retail store point of sale, using address systems to positively ID the correct credit card holder. One Payment will lead the way for your store to maximize security.



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