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At One Payment, we pride ourselves on the growth of our small business clients. We offer small business payment processing services that provide several easy methods for payment such as electronic checks and credit card processing. There are many benefits in partnering with One Payment:


  1. Secure and safe networks compliant with PCI DSS standards
  2. Guaranteed management improvements with the implementation of device-enabled online account access
  3. Smooth and convenient integrated software with online billing
  4. Increased sales growth from secure credit card and debit card processing


One Payment’s small business payment processing solutions are tailored to our clients’ individual needs across a wide variety of industries.

Small Business Payment Processing Designed for You

One Payment centers its fundamental working philosophy on the needs of small businesses, needs that evolve in increasingly competitive markets. Our services for small business merchants are put through a rigorous system of checks and balances to custom-fit the needs of each of our clients, eliminating the challenges small business face in accepting credit cards. One Payment will help focus small business on what matters to them most: their business. Our low small business credit card processing rates will ensure the confidence of our clients to minimize their costs and maximize their profits.


One Payment’s Account Management

Work takes many forms these days and can manifest itself in the office, at home, and on the go, and One Payment fully empowers our clients by providing the necessary solutions for the needs of small businesses. By using wireless and mobile processing for credit cards, your business will be primed to complete credit card transactions everywhere in the world. Our account management services, including e-commerce payment gateways and electronic billing, will relocate your business to the hub of all twenty-first century business, the Web. Our approach to small business payment processing  is easy and convenient for your customers, and One Payment will be standing by to offer support around the clock each day of the year.


Secure Small Business Credit Card Processing

All of One Payment’s small business credit card processing solutions are in compliance with PCI DSS standards, which means top-notch security and protection for our clients and their customers. We host tokenization and end-to-end encryption payment options to provide our clients with a wide array of safe payment solutions for the needs of their business and customers.


Quick and Efficient Small Business Payment Processing

Everyone who runs a small business is met with many options for software to keep their business running smoothly and successfully. One Payment’s credit card machines will help with small business credit card processing through easy integration over many software programs to ensure the continued success of your business. Our machines bolster the latest in payment technology design, meaning that cash register checkouts and on-the-spot payments will be quick and hassle-free.


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